Project financials can be pertinent to the success of a project. With multiple resources within Cloud Coach to keep project financials organized, learn the functionality of each to start using Financials effectively and efficiently.

External Project View

Learn how you can report on project progress to external stakeholders without Cloud Coach licenses!

Cloud Coach Automation

Being native to the SalesForce platform allows SalesForce Admins to extend their knowledge of the platform into customizing and automating Cloud Coach! This lesson will go over commonly asked for automation such as automating project creation!

Customize User Interfaces

Extend your knowledge of the Salesforce platform into customizing the Cloud Coach tool! Cloud Coach supports custom fields, custom reports, custom page layout, and even utilizes Field Sets to allow admins to configure Cloud Coach’s managed VisualForce pages.

Creating a Project

Long are the days of only Waterfall project management, nowadays project owners take advantage of not only Waterfall but also Agile methodologies and even a combination of both with Water-Scrum-Fall.

Getting Started

Welcome to Cloud Coach! This is a great spot to start if you are new to the tool or would like more information on terminology, product pages, and object structure.

Assigning Resources

Hit the ground running by understanding how to assign your team members out to your project plans within Cloud Coach.

Managing Tasks & Timelines

This lesson will give you all the tools you will need to manage your project plans, whether you are using Waterfall, Kanban, or Water-scrum-fall!