Automating Project Creation

Cloud Coach supports powerful automation tools that increase productivity and efficiency in your organization. Once such tool is automatic project creation. This automation can be triggered from Standard or Custom objects, and can include customizable criteria such as time delay.

Creating Project Automation with the Process Builder

In this example, we will show you how to build a Process Builder that automatically creates a Project when an Opportunity’s stage is changed to Closed Won.

  1. Navigate to Setup.
  2. Use the quick search to find the Process Builder. 
    • Select New.
  3. Enter in the key fields for your process:
    • Name: Example – Oppty Closed Won Creates Project.
    • API Name: This field will automatically generate.
    • Description: Example – A Project is created when an Opportunity stage equals Closed Won.
    • The process starts when: A Record Changes.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Select Object: Example – Opportunity.
  6. Select Start the process: only when a record is created.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Select the Criteria Node.
  9. Name the Criteria Node.
  10. Click Conditions are met.
  11. Set conditions specific to the Process Builder you want to make. In this example we use the following settings:
    • Field: Opportunity Stage.
    • Operator: Equals.
    • Type: Picklist.
    • Value: Closed Won.
    • Conditions: All of the conditions are met (AND).
    • Advanced settings: Yes checkbox.
  12. Set the Apex variables associated with your project.
    • New Project Name: Type in the name you want for your project.
    • Template Project ID: This can be found by accessing the Template’s detail page and finding the 18 character ID in the URL.
    • Project Start Date: Select the start date you would like for your project.
    • Related Record ID: Connects the Opportunity with the new project.
  13. Clone items from your template. The following items can be cloned:
    • Resources assigned on the Template (Allocations).
    • Salesforce Cases.
    • Skills (Note: Skills refers to the Skill associated with a Work Type).
  14. Activate the Process Builder.

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