Using the Project Creation Wizard to Create a Project

The Project Creation Wizard allows for smart project creation based on your preferred project methodology.

Project Creation Wizard Overview 
    • (1): The Create New Project button allows you to create new projects from scratch.
    • (2): The Create From Template button allows you to create new projects from predesigned templates.

Note: Templates will need to be created before they can be used in the project creation wizard.

Create New Project Option
  • (1): The Kanban option creates a new Kanban board.
  • (2): The Waterfall option creates a new Waterfall project plan.
  • (3): The Water-Scrum-Fall option creates a new Water-Scrum-Fall project plan.
Create From Template Option
  • (1): Methodologies – Shows your created templates sorted by project methodology.
  • (2): Project Template List – Shows all of your project templates that match the currently selected methodology.
  • (3): View Project – Shows a read-only version of the selected template.
  • (4): Next – Progresses to the next step of the create from template process.

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