Cloud Coach Admin Tab – Enterprise & Ultimate

Cloud Coach Admin allows Salesforce Administrators and Cloud Coach Users to adjust specific Cloud Coach settings. The admin section allows users to create and edit existing Board Processes to use in their Kanban projects and define color tag labels within their project tasks and cards. If you are a Salesforce Administrator this view also allows

Admin: Rate Cards

In order for org users to use rate cards, administrators must enable them in Setup. Learning Objectives: Understand what rate cards are. Learn how to make rate cards available in your org. Adding Rate Cards to your Org Rate cards allow for clients and organizations to determine an agreed-upon skill Rate for particular projects

Admin: Set Up External Project View

This lesson will walk admins through the process of setting up the External project view for their users. This lesson will also highlight custom settings they can activate or remove based on their companies requirements Learning Objectives: Set up the External Project View. Understand the fieldsets displayed in the External View. Review custom settings related

Automating Project Creation

Overview New Projects can be automatically created using a Process Builder. Only a Salesforce Administrator can create and activate the Process Builder, and it uses an invokable Apex class that comes with your Cloud Coach package. The automation can be triggered from any Standard or Custom Objects such as Opportunity, Case, or Ticket and can

Configure Project Creation Details

Overview for Project Creation Customizing what Fields are available when creating a Project is as simple as adding those Fields to a Field Set. Included in our managed Package are two Field Sets that control what data is collected on Projects and Project Tasks when a Project is Created: New Project and New Project Task

Field Sets in Cloud Coach

Cloud Coach uses Field Sets. Field Sets allow each org to customize what data is shown and where. Field Sets allow for different combinations of Fields to be displayed which can be both Managed and Custom Fields on the Managed Objects. They’re easy to edit and do not require custom coding knowledge to use

Timesheet Approvals

Submit for Approval The Submit for Approval button is an optional button. If this is not needed your Salesforce Admin team has the ability to remove the button off of this page. This submit for approval button utilizes Salesforce standard approval processes, for more information on Salesforce Approvals use the following link. If you do

Case Time Entry Component

One of the top Cloud Coach features is our time entry capabilities. This even extends past Cloud Coach’s core objects and can be used on other Salesforce native objects such as Cases. This lesson will walk through how to add the Time Entry component onto the Case page layout. Let’s begin! Learning Objectives Ability to