Cloud Coach Admin Tab – Enterprise & Ultimate

Cloud Coach Admin allows Salesforce Administrators and Cloud Coach Users to adjust specific Cloud Coach settings. The admin section allows users to create and edit existing Board Processes to use in their Kanban projects and define color tag labels within their project tasks and cards. If you are a Salesforce Administrator this view also allows

Managing Water-Scrum-Fall Project Plans

This module will cover everything from different water-scrum-fall project views, adding phases, adding tasks, adding boards, and how to remove phases and tasks. Learning Objectives Understand the functionality of each view within the water-scrum-fall model. How to create a normal task and a kanban task. How to transfer cards across different kanban boards. Water-scrum-fall Timelines

Managing Kanban Project Plans

This module will cover different kanban project views, adding cards, adding board members, and how to remove cards. Learning Objectives Understand the functionality of the Kanban timeline view Users should be able to filter and sort their cards within a variety of ways Users should be able to add and remove cards and card members

Kanban Project Creation

Now that we know how to navigate to the project creation wizard, now it’s time to create projects! In this trail you will learn the basics of creating Kanban projects from scratch, creating projects using templates, and even how to create a project template. Learning Objectives Ability to use managed board processes Ability to create