Tickets are a way to track issues and risks right from your Cloud Coach supported Salesforce organization. To make use of tickets, users must understand the basic operations Cloud Coach supports when using tickets. Learning Objectives: Understand what tickets are. Understand basic ticket operations. Understand that time can be entered on tickets

Case Time Entry Component

One of the top Cloud Coach features is our time entry capabilities. This even extends past Cloud Coach’s core objects and can be used on other Salesforce native objects such as Cases. This lesson will walk through how to add the Time Entry component onto the Case page layout. Let’s begin! Learning Objectives Ability to

Cases within Cloud Coach

Use this lesson will go over how you can incorporate SalesForce Cases into your projects and how to allow end-users to view all of their case work in addition to their project work. Learning Objectives How to relate and create Cases in your Cloud Coach Projects How users can view and make updates on Cases