Checklist Project Creation

Checklists are a new project type supported in the Fall ’21 Cloud Coach release. Checklist projects consist of grouped checklist items that allow users to toggle completion as they go. Checklist items can be moved around within their groups and can also be moved between groups. Learning Objectives: Understand what a checklist project is

Timeline Terminology Overview

The best way to understand how to manage your tasks and timelines is to define the terminology. Learning Objectives Understand Cloud Coach’s terminology Definining Timeline Terminologies Below we will define some common terminology you will see and use within Cloud Coach and within these training documents. Click here if you would like to view object

Project Creation Wizard

This module is going to give you a basic overview of the project creation wizard. It will cover the different ways you can navigate to get into the Project Creation Wizard and even how to create project templates! Let’s begin! Learning Objectives Users should be able to navigate to the project creation wizard. Users should

Project Methodologies in Cloud Coach

The Waterfall Waterfall projects are designed and built in a sequential manner to allow for steps to flow into each other. While the waterfall model has been around for a while, it is still popular today. In Waterfall projects, it’s easy to follow the project plan and display project deliverables. Some examples of industries that