My Day Overview

Your data is only as good as your end-user, so how do you get better end-user cooperation? First, give them a user-friendly tool and second is to empower the user. That’s the goal of My Day. My Day allows your end-users to have one spot for everything they will need to accomplish throughout the day


Time Entry is a powerful metric that can be used to set realistic expectations for projects, clients, and management. For example, you are consistently having to work 50-60 hour weeks on your project work to complete it by the deadline. Without accurately tracking your time, you will have no data. Time entry allows you to


Learning objective of this unit Viewing upcoming and past meetings Ability to create a meeting from scratch Ability to create a meeting from a template Meetings Overview End users have the ability to view upcoming, past and create their own meetings all within the My Day page. For a full overview of meetings click here