Tickets are a way to track issues and risks right from your Cloud Coach supported Salesforce organization. To make use of tickets, users must understand the basic operations Cloud Coach supports when using tickets. Learning Objectives: Understand what tickets are. Understand basic ticket operations. Understand that time can be entered on tickets

Stakeholder Responsibility View

Using tools such as a RACI matrix helps project owners manage the level of stakeholder involvement and expectations based on the project deliverable or activity. RACI is a very simple and straightforward way to document who is Responsible, Accountable, who should be Consulted, and who should be Informed based on key activities. In Cloud Coach


Stakeholders are any individuals that can impact the outcome of a project. Stakeholders can be internal, external, or even a mixture of both. By identifying stakeholders and assessing their level of interest, project managers can address and manage stakeholder expectations. A mismatch in stakeholder expectations can cause issues with buy-in and overall adoption