Timesheet Approvals

Submit for Approval The Submit for Approval button is an optional button. If this is not needed your Salesforce Admin team has the ability to remove the button off of this page. This submit for approval button utilizes Salesforce standard approval processes, for more information on Salesforce Approvals use the following link. If you do

Case Time Entry Component

One of the top Cloud Coach features is our time entry capabilities. This even extends past Cloud Coach’s core objects and can be used on other Salesforce native objects such as Cases. This lesson will walk through how to add the Time Entry component onto the Case page layout. Let’s begin! Learning Objectives Ability to


Time Entry is a powerful metric that can be used to set realistic expectations for projects, clients, and management. For example, you are consistently having to work 50-60 hour weeks on your project work to complete it by the deadline. Without accurately tracking your time, you will have no data. Time entry allows you to

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