My Day Home: Dashboard

Learning Objectives

After completing this lesson, you’ll be able to:

  • Find the Project Task, Ticket, Cards, Cases, Salesforce Tasks, and Checklist items you are assigned.
  • Edit the My Day Home Dashboard.
  • Filter to find Project-specific assignments.
  • Locate the different areas you can edit a record that you are assigned.
  • Create new records from My Day such as Tickets, Cases, Salesforce Tasks, and Meetings.

Introduction to the My Day Dashboard


The My Day Home automatically opens to the widget-style dashboard. Out-of-the-box you have the ability to customize the types of assignments and objects that will display in your personal dashboard, making you’re My Day display only what’s important to you

Some businesses may choose to keep every user’s dashboard the same and more uniform across the board, limiting user customization, depending on their use case. 

By simply clicking on an assignment, you can view additional details, the project Gantt, or the chatter. Upon clicking on an assignment, you can use the side panel to view additional details, make necessary updates to the record, create a new ticket, or enter time. Hyperlinks are provided to navigate you directly to the records if needed.

The My Day Dashboard is a great place to begin each day to see what you should be accomplishing that day!

See it in Action

Launch Presentation


Launch Presentation

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