My Day Home: Lists

Learning Objectives

After completing this lesson, you’ll be able to:

  • Interact with My Day Lists.
  • Find the Project Task, Ticket, Cards, Cases, Salesforce Tasks, and Checklist items you are assigned.
  • Filter to find Project-specific assignments.
  • Locate the different areas you can edit a record that you are assigned.
  • Create new records from My Day such as Tickets, Cases, Salesforce Tasks, and Meetings.

Introduction to My Day Lists

Some people may prefer a complete list of their assignments. If this is you, you can navigate to the Lists tab within My Day. 

The Lists tab categorizes your assignments by object type, driving the tabs on the left hand side.

By clicking into a tab, you will see a list of assignments of that type and several fields of information based on the column headers. The fields in the column headers match the fields in the side panel and can be customized by your Cloud Coach Admin if you need additional fields present.

If you need to find something specific, filter the list by using column-specific criteria or multiple filters. Click on an assignment to reveal the side panel and interact with or make field updates for that record.

Because this is in the form of a list, you can utilize the checkboxes for mass selection and edits. You can also use in-line editing to update fields within the columns. 

In the List view, assignments that are late will display with a red triangle. This will help draw attention to those late tasks, so you know they need some attention.

Note: You can also use object record types in this view as well. If you do have record types enabled on an object you can customize the column headers per record type!

See it in Action

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Launch Presentation

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