My Day Home: Schedule

Learning Objectives

After completing this lesson, you’ll be able to:

  • Interact with My Day Schedule.
  • Find the Project Task, Ticket, Cards, Cases, Salesforce Tasks, and Checklist items you are assigned.
  • Filter to find Project-specific assignments.
  • Locate the different areas you can edit a record that you are assigned.
  • Create new records from My Day such as Tickets, Cases, Salesforce Tasks, and Meetings.

Introduction to My Day Schedule

For those that prefer a calendar view of assignments, the My Day Schedule provides just that. You can easily scroll left or right to move to previous or future dates.

You will be able to see Project Tasks, Salesforce Tasks, Tickets, Cards, and Checklist Items in this view as long as they have a due date. The assignments have symbols to quickly show what type of object it is. Project Tasks will use the Calculated Start Date and Calculated End Date to determine how far a Project Task may span. Salesforce Tasks will use the Due Date field to determine the date the Salesforce Task should show up. Cards, Tickets, and Checklist items will also use the Due Date field to determine when those records will show up. Salesforce Tasks, Cards, Tickets, and Checklist items can be dragged and dropped to another day resulting in a changed due date. This does not stand true for Project Tasks though. Those cannot be dragged to change the dates; Project Tasks would have to have field updates to the Calculated Start and End Dates to move on the schedule.

Simply select an assignment to view more details and update the record using the side panel.

You can view one or two weeks at a time by shrinking or expanding the assignments using the scrunch button. There are also navigation buttons provided to quickly navigate to the first assignment, the last assignment, or to today.

Curious about your overall Work Load? Click the Work Load button to see all of your time allocations.

See it in Action

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Interact with My Day Schedule

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