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Getting Started as a Cloud Coach Admin
5 mins
What is Cloud Coach?
Cloud Coach Basics
5 mins
Modifying the Cloud Coach UI
Understanding the Cloud Coach User Interface
5 mins
Editing Page Layouts vs Field Sets
20 mins
Hiding/Showing Sections and Tabs
25 mins
Creating Project Section Dashboards
20 mins
Creating Color Tags
10 mins
Create an App
10 mins
Creating Project Processes with Cloud Coach Admin
Creating Board Processes
10 mins
Creating Stage Gates & Milestones
15 mins
Granting Access to Cloud Coach
Determining & Granting the Right Access
10 mins
Granting Outside Access for Support
2 mins
Creating the External Project View
15 mins
Moving Configuration Between Orgs
Using the Cloud Coach Admin Data Tab
15 mins
Custom Settings
Understanding Cloud Coach Custom Settings
10 mins
Creating Custom Report Types and Folders
15 mins
Creating Automation & Validation Rules
Validation Rules
15 mins
Approval Processes
10 mins
Scheduling APEX
10 mins
30 mins
Cloud Coach Admin Exam
2 Quizzes
Exam Retake

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